Digital Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most oldest and common form of business marketing strategy which has now been employed in the online domain of internet. In affiliate marketing you essentially refer an online product to someone and when that person goes ahead and purchases the product based on your recommendation then you get a commission for that sale. The commission that you receive varies based on the product and the policies drafted by the specific company. Most of the online merchants and companies these days make use of affiliates as their taskforce and have employed affiliate marketing as a key strategy of their business policy.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing has a comprehensive and very well laid structure of functioning which rewards its affiliates based on the successful traffic it generates for the sales. These companies use a tracking URL which is nothing but a unique link provided to the affiliate by the company. This URL is then used to keep a track of sales as well as online traffic generated by the recommendations of an affiliate using their promotional techniques. Every affiliate program that is generated has a specific laid out terms of service also known as TOS. For instance a lot of the companies offer a 2 month cookie period to the affiliate. This means that whenever a customer uses your affiliate link in order to land on a specific sales page of the website and purchases a product within the 60 day time-frame then you are entitled to receive commission for that sale.


Some of the old fashioned companies employ programs that ask the buyer or a consumer to add referral details at the time of purchase. However this in itself is not a very reliable mechanism as it depends on the input provided by the consumer which can easily be manipulated. That is the reason these days most of the companies use URL tracking as a method to help determine the affiliation that directed the consumer to their website.


These days a lot of daily use products ranging from  the shampoo to clothes, shoes to electronic gadgets are sold via effective affiliate programs. If you register as an affiliate then you can make a good sum of money to add to your daily income. There are some people known as super affiliates who earn six or seven figure income based on their affiliate marketing. However it takes time to build that sound marketing strategy and go from an affiliate to a super affiliate.

How can you register as an affiliate for an affiliate marketing program?

Registering as an affiliate to one of the affiliate marketing programs from a well known company or a merchant is simple however succeeding in that program requires skills. The different companies have different methods of functioning. Some use intermediaries for managing the affiliate programs whereas others have their own built-in affiliate programs.  In order to register all you have to do is find one of the affiliate programs from multiple options available online, sign up for it and get started.